"Education has been my life’s work and passion. I would like to continue serving in the educational arena as a University Place School District Board Member."
- Ethelda Burke


The Nino twins,
age 9

Why not just let Ethelda Burke continue what she is doing. She is doing a good job.

Pat Erwin, Principal, Lincoln High School

I learned how to become a good student in University Place schools, and I learned how to lead from Ethelda Burke.     Ethelda Burke taught me how to lead, and with her continued leadership, your schools will continue to change lives.

Beyond a doubt, Ethelda Burke is the most qualified person to serve on the UPSD Board. She has been a teacher, principal, superintendent and is a current Board Member. Ethelda Burke has supported fiscal responsibility, solid basic education programs and strong discipline in the schools. We need her voice!

James Lee Walton

My friend Ethelda is a courageous, skillful and   inspirational servant- leader.  Thoughtful.  Spiritual.  A nurturer.  A  teacher. 

Willie Stewart, Retired TBS Administrator

"Ethelda Burke has shown herself to be a highly principled school board member who carries herself with great dignity and personal integrity. She is a committed advocate for the best interests of students and a trusted colleague on our board-superintendent team, who has been elected several times for a board leadership position. While participating in debate, she treats others, including those who may have opposing views, with great respect. She can be relied on to prepare before-hand for board meetings and contribute independent thinking to the board's deliberations on important board decisions. She listens carefully and with an open mind to others’ thoughts but does not hesitate to firmly advocate for principled positions on issues of importance. I am grateful that I have the chance to serve with her."

Rick Maloney, Chairperson

UPSD Board


Ethelda Burke


*  Was the first female high school principal in Pierce County


* Is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum


* Had a Scholarship established in her name at Foss High School by a

Microsoft employee who was a student when Burke was principal


* Received an Award of Merit for effective leadership in public education from the

 Washington Association of School Administrators


* Received the Toasters International communication and Leadership Award

for Outstanding Service to Her Community Communication and



* Was Honored by the Women of Color Empowered Award of Seattle in

2010 for Women in Power in Education


* Co-Authored “Zero Tolerance Policy: Combating Violence in Schools,” an

article that was published in the National Association of Secondary

School Principals


* Was a Hometown Mentor for the Washington Education Foundation

Pictured: Vicki Scott (Grimes) was a student when Ethelda Burke was principal of Foss High School. She now lives in University Place with her family, and credits Burke for being able to receive her high school diploma during a time of serious family crises and other challenges. She is a Nurse Practitioner who models the importance of education for her own children.




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